Ylvis Brasil
Blog feito por uma fã brasileira dedicado ao Bård Ylvisåker, Vegard Ylvisåker e também ao Calle Hellevang-Larsen, Magnus Devold e tudo relacionado
a esses noruegueses doidos que tem talento de sobra ♥
                                          Vegard about Bård 
Your brother is stranded on a lonely Island, what does he take with him?Sushi-rice, lenses and a pick (guitar).Your brother is an animal, what kind and why?He’s a Giraffe, he is so long.What is your brothers worst habit?He falls asleep all the time.Your brother’s favorite word/phrase?That is gold.Describe your brother in three words?Tall, long, thin.Draw a portrait of him:

                                          Vegard about Bård

Your brother is stranded on a lonely Island, what does he take with him?
Sushi-rice, lenses and a pick (guitar).

Your brother is an animal, what kind and why?
He’s a Giraffe, he is so long.

What is your brothers worst habit?
He falls asleep all the time.

Your brother’s favorite word/phrase?
That is gold.

Describe your brother in three words?
Tall, long, thin.

Draw a portrait of him:


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